A luxurious treat for your dog

Grooming your Best Friend

We offer a wide range of services, from a full groom (clip and scissor, clip off, handstrip), through to a mini groom (bath and brush, feet, face and bottom), bath and brush only, or just face, nail or paw trimming, ear or teeth cleaning

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Mini Grooms, Nail Trims, Face Trims, Paw Trims

If your dog is not quite ready for a full groom, then a mini groom, nail, face or paw trim might be just the thing to keep your best friend comfortable

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We are fussy about shampoos, and as far as we are concerned, if they aren't good enough for our dogs, then they aren't good enough for yours! Our shampoos are made by Tropiclean.

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Teeth Cleaning

Spare your dog the pain and discomfort of dirty teeth and gums: we use Emmi-Pet Tooth Brush to provide a totally noise, vibration and anaesthesia free tool to clean their teeth and gums. Perfect dental care in just a few minutes with a routine groom.

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Little Luxuries for your Dog

We all know about the 5 animal welfare needs. But what about their little luxuries? Included with every bath is a luxury Tropiclean Blueberry and Oatmeal Facial Scrub, but here are some others which have real health and hygiene benefits for your dog

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