Full Groom

At Canis we have very skilled staff in the grooming of dogs to breed specific trims using a range of methods, so clipping and scissoring, sculpting of wool coats, hand stripping of gun dogs and terriers, or free styling of mixed coats like Cockerpoos. 

We can do bespoke grooms to suit your needs. If you would like something in particular, then please ask, and we will take the time to get a full briefing from you. If you have photographs of what it is you would like us to achieve with your dog, then bring the photo along so we can visualise your requirement.

On your first appointment with us, we will spend a few minutes talking with you to find out about your dog: it is important for us to know about your dog's health and any problems, so for example if your dog is arthritic we will take extra care when handling legs and feet, and may even use a sling to give extra support during the groom. If the dog is prone to itchiness, then we will use a shampoo intended for sensitive skin. We have a range of Spa products plus topical skin and coat treatments available too.  Its also important for us to know about your dog's likes and dislikes so that we can find the best way, from the dog's perspective, to get the job done. 

We record these details to help us with future grooms, along with details of any health observations and changes that we notice over time: if we find anything during the health check, then we will of course let you know.

Groom Prices depend on the amount of work/method involved, the condition on arrival and temperament of the dog, and each dog will vary - these are our starting prices however we must stress that these prices are subject to change depending on the time taken, matted fur or difficult dogs.  The longer dogs are left between grooms, the longer it takes us to groom them.  Here is a guide to our prices for a typical 6-8 week grooming frequency:

Breed standard – clipped and scissored – prices start from £60.00 for a small dog such as a Westie; Clip-offs – from £50.00 and we can leave fluffy ears, tails, faces if you want them.

Breed standard – handstripped -prices start from £80.00 for a small Border Terrier - we  would expect to spend 2.5 to 3 hours on the dog including bath, nails, ears.  Other breeds with more complex needs like Miniature Schnauzers from £100.00; Gundogs from £70.00 such as spaniels and setters

Cockerpoo – wool coat mix – short clipped (blade not comb) body and short clipped legs with a round head and flagged tail – from £55.00; clipped body (either blade or comb) with scissored legs from £70.00 and final price will be dependent on time taken

Labradoodle – wool coat mix – short clipped body and short legs with round head and flagged tail from £65.00; clipped body with scissored legs from £80.00 and final price will be dependent on time taken

Double coated breeds – the large breeds with loads of undercoat such as Labradors, Retrievers, German Shepherds, includes a full blow and brush out to remove dead hair, trimming for longer coats  – short coats from £50.00, long coats from £80.00 and is dependent on size, the amount of time taken

Giant Double coated breeds – such as Newfoundlands, Maremma, Malamute - includes a full blow and brush out to remove dead hair, and outline trim to tidy feet, legs, tail  – from £100.00 and is dependent on size, the amount of time taken

Big Dog Bath and Blow Out – intended for Double Coated Breeds – Bath, condition and blow out to loosen dead hair – dogs like Newfies, St Bernards - no brushing, trimming or nails in this package although ask us if you want any add-ons – any breed/type in this category - £55.00  

Bath and Brush Out between regular scheduled full grooms, every 3-4 weeks, with feet, face and bum tidy, complementary nail trim – small dogs from £40.00

Wash and Go Service! available to spruce your dog up after a muddy walk - we can shampoo, rinse and towel dry your dog - small dogs £15.00; medium dogs £20.00; large dogs £25.00

Additional Charges – matting, overdue, two groomers:

All grooms are based upon the amount of time taken, so dealing with matting, or an overgrown coat will add to the time taken.  Some dogs need additional support - behavioural issues, age, medical problems, etc and the price will reflect the time of an additional groomer in order to ensure safety.

Additional Charges for Extra Products - if your dog is filthy and we have to shampoo, rinse and then repeat, we will charge an additional £5.00 for the extra hot water and shampoo (this doesn't apply to double coat desheds as the only way to shift dead coat is to wash twice).   If your dog is matted in places, but the coat is salvageable, we will be using expensive dematting products to help ease the coat into workable condition - where this is the case we will add £5.00 to cover the cost of the product.

Late Fee for late drop off/collection/no shows/late cancellation: 

If you are late, more than 20 minutes, we may have to turn you away as we will not have time or space available to groom your dog during busy periods.  We will charge you for the missed appointment at the full rate.  We don’t have space to keep your dog after the groom, so pick up must be on time.  If you are late picking up your dog from the salon, more than 20 minutes, then we will add £10.00 to your bill.  No shows will forfeit the grooming deposit of £20.00 for a new customer, or will be charged at the full price of the missed groom to existing customers.  Late cancellations will be charged at £20.00 of the groom price.  We are always happy to rebook dogs, but only once the overdue fee is paid.  Deposits are non-refundable in the event of a no show.  

Add-on Services Available:

Ear Cleaning or Ear Plucking – we check ears for signs of infection and where the ears appear healthy we will clean them - this is part of a full groom.  Ear Plucking is usually time consuming, and unpleasant for your dog, and we don't like doing it, and it can cause rather than solve problems.  However, we appreciate you might want your dog’s ears plucked – your vet might have recommended that this is done.   If you require this service then please ask at drop off.  Ears should not be both plucked and cleaned at the same appointment.  Ear plucking - £10.00 per service

Anal Gland Expression: this service should be provided by your veterinary practitioner.  It is not part of a groom, and we are not trained to carry out this procedure

Nail Trimming - Small dogs - £12.00; Large dogs or small difficult dogs - £15.00 – add this to the Big Dog Bath and Blow Out!

Nail Buffing is available at an additional £5.00

Spa Treatments:   if you would like to upgrade the shampoo and conditioner then choose a shampoo and conditioner from the following products:

Tropiclean Spa Renew Shampoo 

Tropiclean Spa Pure Shampoo (hypoallergenic)

Tropiclean Spa Nourish Conditioner               

Shampoo with conditioning treatment          £5.00