Full Groom

Full Groom

At Canis we have very skilled staff in the grooming of dogs to breed specific trims using a range of methods, so clipping and scissoring, sculpting of wool coats, hand stripping of gun dogs and terriers, or free styling of mixed coats like Cocker-poos. 

We can do bespoke grooms to suit your needs. If you would like something in particular, then please ask, and we will take the time to get a full briefing from you. If you have photographs of what it is you would like us to achieve with your dog, then bring the photo along so we can visualise your requirement.

On your first appointment with us, we will spend a few minutes talking with you to find out about your dog: it is important for us to know about your dog's health and any problems, so for example if your dog is arthritic we will take extra care when handling legs and feet, and may even use a sling to give extra support during the groom. If the dog is prone to itchiness, then we will use a shampoo intended for sensitive skin. Its also important for us to know about your dog's likes and dislikes so that we can find the best way, from the dog's perspective, to get the job done. 

We record these details to help us with future grooms, along with details of any health observations and changes that we notice over time: if we find anything during the health check, then we will of course let you know.

Groom Prices depend on the amount of work/method involved, the condition and temperament of the dog, and each dog will vary - these are our starting prices however we must stress that these prices are subject to change depending on the time taken, matted fur or difficult dogs.

Small dogs from £35.00

Medium dogs from £40.00

Large dogs from £45.00

Hand strips from £55.00