Part Grooms

Part Grooms can include bathing/brushing, or nails, tails, ears, paws or face tidy ups. Call us to find out what your pooch might need, and for a price estimate see below, we must stress that these prices are subject to change. Price can change depending on the time taken, matted fur or difficult dogs.

Bath and brush only - prices from £25.00

Nail trims are often all that a short-coated dog needs - call us first, but we can usually fit these in on the same day - £10.00 per dog

Face trims - (the coat needs to be fairly clean and not overdue a groom) we will brush out the coat, and carry out a trim to restore the shape of the head and ears - small dogs £10.00, large dogs £15.00

Paw trim - (the feet do need to be fairly clean) - we will trim the nails, scissor the pads so that they are neat, and tidy the tops of the paws - small dogs - £12.00, large dogs £15.00

Ear cleaning - £5.00; ear plucking not available.

Tail Trim - £5.00 (tail needs to be clean, not matted - we will of course brush out first)

Teeth Cleaning - £30 for first session, £15 for recurring teeth cleaning.