Part Grooms and Wash & Go

Feet, Face and Bum or Part Grooms for small fluffy dogs includes bathing, conditioning and brushing, and we tidy up the feet, face and the bum, and trim nails too if necessary. This service is ideal to keep the dog in good condition between regular scheduled grooms.  Call us to find out what your pooch might need, and for a price estimate see below, we must stress that these prices are subject to change. Price can change depending on the time taken, matted fur or difficult dogs.

Prices from £40.00

We can also tidy up bits and bobs on larger dogs, if required, but we prefer to do this on a clean coat. 

Wash and Go! - if you are passing by our shop with a dog that's muddy from a walk, just pop in as we may have time to do a bath and towel dry  - small dogs £15.00/medium dogs £20.00/larger dogs £25.00.  Shampoo/conditioner upgrades, nail trims are available too if you want those added