Special Treatments

A large part of a vet's work will be dealing with skin issues, and these are usually dealt with by shampoos, steroids and antibiotics.  Usually the problem goes away, but sometimes it comes back and can be a real nuisance for owners and dogs alike.  The work of a dog groomer involves care of the skin and coat:  careful application of topical products, water and air - if we use our skills as a groomer and knowledge of how the skin works and how different products can affect the skin, we can help to bring about relief.

Itchy dogs - this is usually the problem - these dogs need weekly bathing in an appropriate shampoo, but they also need to be conditioned after the bath to restore the skin's pH and to add back oil/moisture.  A dry skin is very easily damaged, and is no longer and effective barrier to the microbes that are often the source of the itch.  

With all grooms, we will use a quality shampoo and conditioner along with Tropiclean Blueberry and Oatmeal Facial Cleanser to ensure your dog's skin is clean and well moisturised. However, some dogs have problem skins and coats from time to time, and we can help with a more targeted approach to care using premium topical products, shampoos, conditioners and coat sprays.  Some of these will be available for you to purchase for home use.  You can pick any of our premium products to help with a problem, or as a special treat for your dog, just let us know when you drop off your dog.  

With more difficult problems, we make masques made from a selection of clays, with oils and minerals added to help detoxify skin, boost the immune system and add back moisture, encouraging healthy skin and coat growth.  If you would like a consultation and treatment, then speak with Judy, a Certified Canine Esthetician.  This is a bespoke service using specialist ingredients, so prices will vary.

Here is a guide to the kinds of problems for which we have suitable products available:

  • Itchy skin caused by seasonal allergies – a detox shampoo will lift dead skin cells along with pollens and other environmental contaminants causing the itch – follow up with detox conditioner to add back skin protection 
  • Super sensitive skin – a premium hypoallergenic shampoo will calm the skin and the nerve endings making the dog more comfortable.  Follow up with protein enriched conditioner 
  • Skin prone to hot spots and break outs – a thorough bath with a premium anti-microbial shampoo, followed by a protein enriched conditioner will help soothe skin and restore normality 
  • Greasy coat or skin – clarifying shampoo will remove excess oils from the skin and coat so that it is easier for us to work with and aesthetically more attractive, accompanied by an intensive protein conditioning product to restore moisture to the skin 
  • Blocked Hair Follicles – a common problem with clipped terriers and spaniels which should be handstripped to remove the dead hair – the coat becomes thicker and woollier – this shampoo product will help to release the dead hair which has built up in the follicle enabling healthy coat regrowth.  A protein conditioner will add back moisture to the skin  
  • Heavy shedding – suitable for double coats - a mud treatment is great for removing lots of dead hair and exfoliating the skin, reducing “yeastiness”, as well as moisturising 
  • Damaged skin – caused by scratching, or after recovery from a skin infection where heavy duty prescription product has been in use – a premium hypoallergenic shampoo followed by a protein conditioner will help recovery and provide lots of protection to the skin after bathing
  • Damaged coat – if its a long coat length, has gone a bit frizzy and matts easily – a keratin shampoo and conditioner will smooth any damage to the cuticle caused by over-brushing 
  • Itchy Feet – if your dog chews its feet it may have a yeast infection – a good soak with our paw fizz bombs will help alleviate the itch, and an application of paw balm with moisturise and add protection to the pads
  • Yeasty smell – we have topical shampoos that deal with the microbial activity on the skin and within the coat, and restores a healthy pH.  This cuts down the odour and reduces the itch
  • Fleas – a good soak in flea shampoo combined followed up with a protein conditioner will help to soothe the flea-bitten skin and the associated itch and restore moisture to damaged skin

Treatment shampoos and conditioner - £10.00

More difficult problems - in consultation with you we can review the dog's skin/coat history to identify where changes could be made to their care, as simple things are often overlooked. We can appraise the symptoms, and then we can come up with a plan to help your dog through the application of shampoo, mud or clay masque (enriched with oils), application of a conditioner enriched with additional oils and minerals.     Consultation charge £25.00 and treatments from £20.00