Special Treatments

Special Shampoos (£10 per treatment) 

Madra Mor Mud Treatments – these luxury treatment products are designed to help with specific issues –

  • Shed Safely - to speed up the shedding process, unclogs hair follicles
  • Soothing treatment – for itchy or dry skin
  • Mobility treatment – for aching joints and muscles
  • Fortifying – to deter parasites and soothe irritated skin, anti-fungal/bacterial

Nagayu Coconut Oil with CO2 Treatment Tablet  – designed for the treatment of problem dry and itchy or damaged skin, or dogs suffering from hotspots or yeastiness, and also very effective on smelly dogs. Its essentially a fizzing bath bomb for dogs. These products are delivered to the coat and skin via a special Nagayu shower head.

Special COAT CONDITIONING TREATMENTS (£10 per treatment).

  • Artero Keratin Vital – protect and revitalise damaged long or fine coats
  • Artero Protein Vital – a leave in conditioning treatment to restore softness and shine

Special PAW TREATMENTS (£10 per treatment).

Paw Massage – using Playful Pup by Hownd Paw and Nose Balm – in either hot or cold weather, a dog’s paws can become dry and sore, and with old dogs, their feet can ache, so add a foot massage and moisturising treatment balm to their groom.