Puppies and Pet Parents

For puppies, grooming can be an overwhelming experience, so to help them get the right start we offer a series of short sessions in the salon involving treats, nail trim, feet, face and bum tidy.  The last session will include a bath and blow dry.  During each session we will be able to help you with advice on coat care products and and tools, training your pup to feel confident about grooming.

For puppies upto 6 months - 4 sessions - £140.00

Do It Yourself!  If you want to do it yourself, then we can give you some training.  Depending on the grooming method, and the size of the dog, this will be either a whole or a half day.  We can guide you through the stages, advise of the equipment and tools, and show you how to use them safely.  Bring your own dog of course.  Half day £125.00.  Full day £250.00