Information for Experienced Groomers, Entry Level and Combined Level 2 and Level 3 Courses

Information for Experienced Groomers

If you have experience grooming dogs but wish to polish your skills or simply need a venue to do exams and practicals, then Canis can offer a bespoke course to suit you. Whether you have experience at Level 2 or Level 3 we can assess your current skill and prepare your exams and arrange your examinations. You will need to provide proof of your current skill. You can send us information so we can assess how much support you will need.

  • Details of the length of your experience in the industry
  • Details of your continuing professional development - seminars, courses
  • Current Pet First Aid certificate, or we can arrange this for you in-house
  • Photographic evidence of your work
  • A letter from your employer supporting your application
  • Client testimonials

Once we have the information, then we will invite you to join us for a session to show us your grooming skills, and for us to evaluate your theoretical knowledge.  We will then be able to work out how much input you need from us to achieve your chosen qualification, and this will determine the number of hours you will need to spend with us.  Typically, level 2 could be achieved in 4 days;  Level 3 Diploma could be achieved in a minimum of 15 days - subject to an initial assessment. If you are interested in a reduced hours qualification then please Contact us or call - 01993 702558 

Introductory Course to Dog Grooming

Canis offers a 5 day course intended for dog walkers, home boarders, pet owners where all the basics of health checking, bathing, brushing and detangling and some basic clipper and scissor work. We also cover the use of safety restraints and trimming nails - we include a first aid course with certificate of training (10 hours of home study) as well as a certificate of attendance - £1000 

Combined Level 2 and Level 3 City & Guilds Course

Canis offers a combined Level 2 and 3 Course. This includes 8 days of work experience and 40 training days, First aid course and an equipment pack. The Combined Course will fast-track students to Level 2 typically taking 10 days, the rest of the course is devoted to the Level 3 diploma, students will receive 5 days of guided home study including resources for the theory element of the course. This course should be taken by people who would like a Level 3 but do not yet have their Level 2 certificate. This course should be treated as a fast tracked Level 2 followed by an intensive Level 3 course. The Combined Level 2 and Level 3 course has a steep learning curve, home study is necessary and experience with handling dogs is recommended.

Taster Day

If you are not sure if Dog grooming is for you, then you can do a taster day, this will give you a first impression of a working salon and a chance to get some hands-on experience. - £95.00 (free if you decide to do a 20+ day course).

Groom Your Own Dog Day

If you wish to learn how to groom your own, we can teach you. You will be shown how to bath, Brush and trim your dog, a useful course for people whose dogs need a lot of home grooming or if you simply wish to give your dog an exciting day out. For a price estimate please Contact us - or call - 01993 702558