Level 2 City & Guild Certificate - 8 Days of Work Experience + 20 Training Days

Should I do a Level 2 Course?

The Level 2 (7763-02) City & Guild qualification is for beginners in dog grooming. If you want to take the new Level 3 Diploma (7863-03) - then you must have this qualification, or the nationally recognised level 2 apprenticeship in dog grooming. Canis offers a Combined Level 2 and 3 course. 

Already grooming? then we can offer a reduced learning hours pathway to this qualification, enabling you to proceed to the new level 3 Diploma course with minimum delay.  

What is a Level 2 course?

In this course you will cover the following modules:

  • Prepare dogs prior to grooming (you will learn how to assess what the dog's grooming needs are, health check learning to recognise the signs of good or ill health, and get the dog ready for the groom)
  • Bathe and clean dogs (you will learn how to safely bath the dog, selecting appropriate products for the dogs skin and coat type, you will also research information so that you know about the legal and regulatory aspects around the safe running of a grooming salon - health and safety law, as well as correct business practices)
  • Clean and maintain equipment used for grooming dogs or removing hair (you will learn how to maintain all of your expensive equipment so that it works properly, is hygienic, lasts longer)
  • Control and restrain animals (you will learn how to work safely which will protect you and the dog from injury during the grooming process, and you will research a range of equipment used for this purpose to ensure that you have a clear understanding of its correct safe usage)
  • Dry and prepare dogs for styling (you will learn efficient and effective methods of drying the dog in readiness for the trimming stage)
  • Basic trimming of a dog's coat (you will learn about rough clipping of overgrown coats before the bath, clipping to pattern lines, and basic scissor work)
  • Maintain the cleanliness and bio security of the animal care working environment (in this module you will learn why it is important to keep all areas of the salon clean, as well as how to do this safely)

Why should I do a Level 2 course at Canis?

Our level 2 course provides the student with 196 salon hours (City & Guilds require 183 guided learning hours and they estimate a total of 230 hours of practical work plus home study to successfully complete the course).  Hand-stripping is part of the level 3 curriculum, but whenever the opportunity arises, we enable our level 2 students to engage with stripping of either silky or wire coats.  Within the package we include 8 days of work experience, a first aid course, and a basic equipment pack (tunic, comb, brush, several pairs of scissors, nail clippers, course notes, portfolio). At Canis you will learn skills beyond Level 2 that will prepare you if you decide to pursue a Level 3 course in the future. 

The total price of this package is £3500. The reduced learning hours package is available over 5 days at £950, but we would need to carry out an initial assessment of the student's skills/knowledge in advance.

Please Contact us for more information or call us - 01993 702558