Whilst we are a tiny business, we try to do our bit for our local community, and also for the environment:

  • Judy assesses dogs to join Canine Concern - therapy dogs working with the elderly and the very young.  For Canine Concern dogs about to go on a visit she provides a free bath and brush to ensure that they are presentable.  If you have a perfect pup who would love to visit people for lots of attention, then please ask about Canine Concern which is a really worthwhile project
  • We take young people for work experience to help them with their training in animal care, and have done this over many years
  • We employ young people, and we provide on the job training and qualification through a nationally recognised apprenticeship scheme; we also ensure that all our staff engage in training and we provide them with opportunities for further qualification
  • We have a number of elderly clients who are no longer able to drive, and we always go out of our way to help them by collecting and returning their dogs 
  • The products we use in the salon are made from organic ingredients which are better for the dogs skin with no chemicals that can be absorbed systemically and cause cumulative problems, and better for our hands; the lack of petrochemicals is also better for the environment; the packaging is also biodegradable

Supporting Business and Organisations

  • Animal Love First Aid - run by Sophie Bell, a Vet, who delivers brilliant pet first aid courses all around the UK; Sophie also offers a brand-new online first-aid course that is rated for CPD points, and we use the online course for our students.  She also has an online shop where you can purchase first aid equipment and supplies for your pets
  • Canine Concern - an organisation providing therapy dogs; if you have a pretty little dog or even a great big well-mannered dog, that loves people, then consider joining this organisation, and go help people who are lonely, or unwell, or little kids that are happy to read to dogs but struggle to read to adults.  Its a brilliant opportunity.
  • Canine Massage Guild - qualified canine massage therapy practitioners, a therapy that is brilliant for soft-tissue injuries (the problems that cause lameness but don't show up on x-rays), and for old dogs that need a little helping hand in their final years to stay mobile and comfortable.  Try it! It really does work.
  • Canine Massage Therapy Centre - training provider for accredited canine massage therapists
  • City & Guilds Institute of London - is an Ofqual-approved awarding body for UK-wide skills training including dog grooming; OCN is the only other Ofqual approved awarding body for level 3 dog grooming.
  • Fluffypuppy - if you like pretty little bows that stay-in your dog's hair but without damaging the hair, or you would like tough, waterproof collars that don't damage your dog's hair, then take a look at this website for some beautiful accessories for your dog
  • Groomers Spotlight - organisation highlighting professional dog groomers in UK, you can search by postcode or town
  • Pet Industry Federation - a pet trade organisation provides representation for the UK's animal care industry to regulatory bodies/government, as well as training and qualification via City & Guilds
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