New Customers

How do I book my first appointment?

At Canis we aim to work with our customers to find a groom that suits them. For new customers we recommend that you take the time to Contact Us about your dog and your preferences. You can book online if you know what you want (deposit payable to confirm appointment), or if you have questions then call us or email us - we will need some basic details before booking your appointment. Once your appointment is booked- we can meet you for the first time at Canis and discuss your preferences.  

When we meet you and your dog for the first time we will be able to take more details about your dog and we can discuss how you would like your dog to be groomed. At this point we will be able to judge the time it will take to groom your dog and estimate how much we will charge (although this is subject to change). We may take some emergency contact details including your veterinary practitioner to ensure your dog is safe. At this point we will let you know when to come back and pick your dog up.

New customers will need to give us information such as: 

  • Name, Address, Mobile/ Telephone Number/ Email
  • Breed, Dog's Date of Birth, size and health issues/veterinary contact

(This information is destroyed after our customers become inactive).

After we have enough information we will be able to groom your dog for the first time, to see what services we offer- click here. We pay close attention to new dogs as there may be underlying health issues which have not been spotted such as itchy skin. We often spot issues which the owner has not such as fleas, ticks, lumps and bumps. Ultimately- Grooming your dog should be part of it's health regimen.

What if I have a Puppy or a Shy dog?

For customers with Puppies or shy dogs we suggest that you bring your dog into the salon a week before their groom to allow them to acclimatise to area, this may reduce their anxiety for their groom later. This is completely optional and if you wish to bring your dog in for the first time - on the day of your appointment - that is fine too.

How often should my dog be groomed after its first appointment?

For all grooms we ensure there is as little stress as possible in your dog's first groom so they can become accustomed to the salon environment. We try to keep appointments as short as possible so your dog can go home as soon s they are ready. We recommend that new customers book appointments every 6-8 weeks (depending on the coat of your dog-could be more or less frequent). This is important as it will train your dog to be groomed in a salon as well behaved dogs are easier to groom and take less time - therefore costing the customer less in the long term.

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