Customers with Cross Breeds

Information for customers with cross breeds

We see loads of Poodle crosses at Canis, so we feel that we can offer useful help and advice to owners with the care and maintenance of these coats. The biggest single factor affecting the health and welfare of these dogs is their beautiful coats, which can be difficult for owners to manage if they have not come across them before or don't have the right equipment to care for them. These coats need professional attention for a bath and trim at least every 8 weeks, and often much sooner.  

We do on occasion deal with seriously matted coats, and there is really only one sensible solution for this in the grooming salon, and that is to shave it off and start again, and teach our customers how to brush and care for the coat properly. When dogs are very matted, shaving a coat off is not an act of vandalism by a groomer, it is a humane response to a major welfare consideration for the dog - it can take hours to brush out matting, and for many dogs they are very sensitive and it hurts and upsets them. If you have a Doodle or Poo then don't be shy, even if it is matted - we can help you get the coat back into good condition and shape, and we can then direct you to suppliers of professional equipment that will make brushing your dog more of a pleasure than a chore for both parties.  We are here to help, and will do all that we can. 

What will my cross look like when they are groomed?

This is entirely up to you, we will consult you to find what will be the best trim and finish for your dog. Sometimes a cross breed can display elements from either of the breeds it was crossed with, if you prefer your dog to look a certain way for example if you have a Cocker-poo then we can make it look more like a poodle than a spaniel, or vise versa. Sometimes cross breeds look unique to their parent breeds, in which case we can groom your dog to look its best regardless of how its 'meant' to look. Sometimes the way we groom dogs is a choice between beauty and function, if your dog likes to roll in mud and ramble in brambles then we recommend going with a functional look, ultimately this is up to you.

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