Customers with Puppies

Will Canis groom my puppy?

At Canis we can start grooming your puppy as soon as they have had their second Veterinary Innoculations- usually around 14 weeks. We recommend bringing your puppy to us a week before their first groom to allow them to acclimatise to the salon and we can discuss what grooming they will need and what grooming you can do at home to keep your puppy properly groomed. At Canis we offer individual appointments to make sure your dog is returned to you as soon as they are groomed, this is ideal for puppies and reduces their stress.

Are you a new customer? New customers with puppies are welcome at Canis, you will need to gives us some personal contact information before your puppies groom and we recommend you come in with your puppy so we can discuss what your puppy needs. More information on New Customers.

What can I do to prepare my puppy for their first groom?

when you get your puppy, don't delay- starting daily brushing and regular bathing.  Use lots of treats, and make early sessions short and sweet.  Often 2 pairs of gentle hands are useful until the puppy is used to being brushed.  You will need a soft pin slicker and a combination comb as your basic equipment.  If it is a hairy dog, like a Cockerpoo, you will also require a good quality shampoo and conditioner like Tropiclean as this will clean the coat of mud but without stripping the natural oils in the dog's skin. The process of teaching the dog to accept brushing is very important in building a relationship with you, which will also enable you to develop a better standard of training (which might prevent accidents or incidents), and it will make the experience your dog has with his groomer less stressful. Your dog should love to be groomed and see Canis as a fun day out.

When your dog goes for a walk and gets wet, then brush out the coat as it dries - if you leave the coat to dry before brushing then it is much more difficult to remove knots and tangles, and it will make the dog unhappy.  All your early grooming sessions should be of short duration, and should involve some tasty treats intermittently. You will find it easier to work on a table using a rubber mat, and get someone to hold the dog gently so that you can work safely and efficiently.

How often should I send my puppy to Canis?

The trimmed breeds need regular trips to a groomer in order to stay in healthy, matt-free condition - we would expect to see your dog roughly every 6-8 weeks for a bath and trim, and possibly more often than that if you are struggling with the coat, or if you have a high maintenance coat  like a poodle or bichon or a cross containing these breeds.  If you find brushing a bit of a chore, and you like the longer look, then book your dog in for an interim bath and brush - if this is done regularly, then you can leave all the brushing to us.   

Please don't hesitate to ask us for advice on grooming equipment: the right equipment will make your life a lot easier, and more pleasant for your dog.  If we see that you are struggling with brushing, then we will offer suggestions on the most effective equipment for you to buy and use, and will be happy to give a mini tutorial on how the equipment is used.

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