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Why is Training so important?

It is very important that aspiring professional groomers are properly trained so that they can work safely (protecting themselves and dogs from serious injury), and deliver a groom that meets an acceptable standard of work for the client. Our Level 2 (7763-02) and Level 3 (7863-03) courses go beyond the fundamentals giving students qualifications and the skills to groom professionally.  The RSPCA has announced that they will be lobbying government to ensure that the animal care industry becomes licensed: dog walkers, dog groomers, and dog trainers - August 2020

Why should you train with Canis?

I have been successfully delivering training and assessment for City & Guilds qualifications since 2014 here at Canis, and have also delivered the same programs in a college setting. Our aim at Canis is to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared to start their new businesses with good practical grooming skills and industry knowledge along with first aid skills as well as important qualifications which will help to reassure their new clients that their pet is in safe hands.  College courses are a much less intensive learning experience for students owing to the fact that these are not professional grooming salons so lack the variety of dogs, or skilled, qualified groomers to provide one to one training necessary for the learner to develop in-depth skill and knowledge, and the hours of practical grooming exposure are significantly less. The salon experience will give students an authentic expectation when they groom professionally. 

What courses are available at Canis?

The courses offered are flexible (any time start, any number of days per week - though 2 or 3 days a week is best), and are bespoke to the student's needs, and we don't take lots of students at a time to ensure full support throughout the course.  The training packages we are able to provide are:

  • Level 2 City & Guilds 7763-02 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants - 8 days of work experience + 20 days of training and assessment. Includes a first aid course and student equipment pack - £3500

  • Level 3 City & Guilds 7863-03 Diploma for Dog Grooming Stylists - 40 days of training and assessment.  Includes a first aid course - * Note that it is mandatory that students must already hold the Level 2 (7763-02) qualification prior to joining this course * - £4500

  • Level 2 and Level 3 Combined City & Guilds course - 48 days of training and assessment (includes 8 days of initial work experience), 5 days of guided home study with study pack, first aid course (10 hours of home study with certificate) - £5,900

Already a Dog Groomer, but Want a Qualification?  We also offer reduced learning hours pathways to City & Guilds qualifications for candidates who are already involved in the dog grooming industry either 7763-02 or 7863-03.  We would need to review your experience, qualifications, and assess your current skill level prior to accepting you on to a course, but call us to discuss this if you are interested.

We also offer entry level training courses (which are not City & Guilds certified) for those who are seeking an introduction into the dog grooming world:

  • Introductory Course to Dog Grooming - 5 day course intended for dog walkers, home boarders, pet owners where all the basics of health checking, bathing, brushing and de-tangling and some basic clipper and scissor work, safe restraint, trimming nails are covered - we include a first aid course with certificate of training (10 hours of home study) as well as a certificate of attendance - £1,000

  • Taster Days - for those considering dog grooming as a career change - £95.00 (fee refundable against a 20+ day course fee)

If you are interested in training at Canis then please Contact us or Call 01993 702558.


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City & Guilds Qualification Handbook-Level 2

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