Level 3 City & Guild Diploma in Dog Grooming - 40 Training Days

What is a Level 3 Course?

Once you hold the Level 3 qualification, you are professionally qualified - the same level of qualification as the plumber or electrician you call out to help you.  We offer 8 days of work experience to acclimatise you to the salon followed by 40 training days. Level 3 (7863-03) City & Guild Course, including an RCVS-accredited first aid course. The Level 3 builds on the skills learned in the Level 2 course. The Level 3 teaches students to groom a broad range of breeds and types, and to be fully conversant with salon practices, terminology, equipment leading to a greater degree of self-confidence, skill, knowledge and the best possible results from their course work - the Level 3 is a big step into the world of professional dog grooming. 

It is necessary to have a Level 2 (7763-02) qualification to start a level 3 course or we offer a combined level 2 and Level 3 course for those who are beginning their formal training. 

Some candidates who already hold the level 2 qualification or apprenticeship will already be grooming professionally and to a good standard,For those who are experienced dog groomers we are able to offer a reduce learning hours pathway to the qualification subject to a skills assessment. For more information please Contact us or call 01993 702558.

What will you Learn in a Level 3 course?

  • Styling and finishing a dog (a broad ranging module which will teach safe control and restraint appropriate to size and structure of different breeds, along with their life stages, the student will learn to groom/style different coat types in a way that meets the client's needs, using a wide range of equipment and grooming methods).
  • Health and safety, legislation and codes of practice for the dog grooming industry (you will have a good working knowledge of a wide range of legal and regulatory aspects of running your business which will include skill in assessing and controlling workplace hazard and risk, along with good animal first aid skills and knowledge).
  • Health checking and handling a dog in a dog grooming environment (the student will learn what to look for when health checking, and about a wide range of health-related issues that can present in the salon so that grooming can be carried out safely, and they will also learn about behavioural signs and ways in which they can modify their handling of the dog to ensure safety and welfare of the animal).
  • Customer service and record keeping in a dog grooming environment (this module looks at how to work successfully with clients, and how good record keeping can assist in this regard as well as helping the business with statutory compliance, such as taxation, data protection).

Is a Level 3 course worth it?

Here’s 6 reasons why you should become a Qualified Dog Groomer:

  • Ensure that you are knowledgeable and compliant with current legislation.
  • You can join The Groomers Spotlight for qualified groomers.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge, skill and professionalism to your clients, and build their trust.
  • You can apply to City & Guilds so that you can use the Level 3 qualified logo on your marketing materials.
  • Improve your marketing by differentiating yourself from many other competing businesses with a nationally recognised qualification that you can display on your Facebook page, website and literature.
  • Increase your confidence, self-esteem and pride in your work and your business.

What is included in a Canis Level 3 Course?

Our level 3 course provides the student with 336 salon hours (City & Guilds require 300 guided learning hours and City and Guilds estimate a Total Qualification Time of 426 hours of practical work, theory teaching hours, plus home study to successfully complete the course).  Students taking this course will already be qualified at City & Guilds Level 2 and will have basic equipment which they should bring with them: we provide clippers/blades, and other heavy equipment.  The total price of this full package is £4,500.  

The reduced learning hours package is a minimum of 15 days, and priced from £1,850+ 

If you are interested in training Canis or would like more information please Contact us or call 01993 702558.